Best for PHL Workshop hosted by WeWork

By ImpactPHL (other events)

Wednesday, September 19 2018 5:30 PM 7:30 PM

Why You Need a Social Impact Strategy
You’re not a nonprofit organization. But you care about your community, and your company's place in it. So how do you turn that passion into action? For any Social Impact strategy to be sustainable over time, it has to mesh with your business model and your revenue strategies.

Join us for a fireside chat to discuss what Social Impact actually means, the benefits of operating with social responsibility in mind, different Social Impact models, and why customers care. You will leave with a better understanding of key concepts, an overview of the field, and tools to get started as a changemaker.

- Julie Hancher, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief at Green Philly Blog
- Tom Wingert, VP of Marketing at City Fitness
- Cynthia Estremera, Community Engagement and Marketing Associate at Strategy Arts

- Steven Dorcelien, Social Impact Lead, Philadelphia at WeWork